Juicy Dates is an online dating site for anyone who wants to find casual relationships. It’s not just for gay people, but the company behind the site has been working to support LGBT children and young people in the UK. They’ve had a lot of success so far with their charity work, including providing places for LGBT young people to go when they don’t feel safe at home. And they’re looking forward to helping more kids as soon as possible.

The CEO of Juicy Dates said: “We wanted to make sure that all children felt comfortable and supported. Our goal is to help them get through this difficult time by giving them the love and care they need.” The CEO also added that she hopes other dating sites will follow in Juicy Dates’ footsteps. This will mean more children can be helped, since many of these organizations rely on donations from companies like Juicy Dates. Read more about how Juicy Dates works: https://onlybros.com/juicy-dates/

Juicy Date Dontations

One major way the dating app has been helping is through dontations to organizaitons like ours. Parents Enquiry Scotland has received significant funding from the dating site because its services are invaluable to LGBT young people who have nowhere else to go. The group helps children who might otherwise have no place to sleep or food to eat. They even offer counseling and assistance for those who have been abused or neglected.

This organization has received enough funding from Juicy Dates to provide emergency housing for two entire years. They also plan to use some of this money to expand their current facility and help more families. A spokesperson for Parents Enquiry Scotland said: “We are really excited about this opportunity to serve more of our community. We want to give children and teenagers the best chance in life, and we know that everyone benefits from family and friends around them.”

But Juicy Dates isn’t stopping there. The dating app plans to donate more money to other charities that help children who have been bullied or abused. This includes LGBTQ youth groups and organizations that are trying to combat bullying. For example, one of the charities Juicy Dating Donates to is called Rainbow Youth. This group provides a safe environment for LGBT young people so they can spend time together without worrying about getting hurt.

They also provide educational programs to teach elementary school students how to treat LGBT people with respect. This gives the younger generation the tools they need to protect themselves against discrimination. One volunteer at the organization said: “I’m proud to work here because it’s important to me to help my fellow LGBT community members. I feel like this is something that should have happened earlier.”

It is amazing to see such a successful dating app take this kind of initiative. Many people forget that dating sites aren’t just for finding dates. They’re also for supporting the community.


With the money they’re donating, the dating service is making a big difference. But their goal is still bigger than ever. They hope to raise enough money to help LGBT youths across the world. Some of these children don’t have any other options, and they could use your help today. If you’d like to learn more about how dating apps are changing the way we live, visit our blog.

How Juicy Dates Is Working To Help LGBT Children